On Tap
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cide 5.0 Pint $5
A balance of sweetness and bright acidity from apples and dryness of traditional cider making, resulting in a refreshing hard cider with crisp apple flavor.
Banded Zealot 7.5 10oz Draft $8
A juicy, floral + impassioned IPA brewed with a healthy dose of local Blue Ox wheat.
Blue Moon Belgian Style Wheat 5.4 Pint $6
Brewed with oats for creaminess and spiced with the perfect combination of orange peel for subtle sweetness.
Boondoggle Departure Pale Ale 6.17 Pint $7
A modern pale ale with generous Citra late hopping that is both refreshing and intoxicating in its aroma.
Breckenridge Avalanche Amber 4.4 Pint $6
Aromas of pale grains, a semi-sweet middle and a clean-as-Coloradosnow finish make this our best-selling beer.
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 5.4 Pint $7
An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure.
Bud Light 4.2 Pint $3
Bud Light is brewed with a malt and hops ratio different from Budweiser for a distinctively crisp taste with fewer calories.
Budweiser 5.0 Pint $3
Brewed using a blend of imported and classic American aroma hops, and a blend of barley malts and rice resulting in unparalleled balance and character.
Connecticut Valley Star Gazer 8.1 10oz Draft $8
Showcases the tropical characteristics of Galaxy and Vic Secret. Opens with a deep citrus aroma before easing into notes of pineapple and passion fruit.
Connecticut Valley Trailblazer 8.0 10oz Draft $8
Our team at Pioneer Beer crafted our New England style India Pale ale with an excessive amount of American hop varieties. This India Pale Ale will rev up your palate with an explosion of fresh hops with its irresistibly intense citrus flavor... more
Coors Light 4.2 Pint $3
First, aged (lagered) below freezing to give our beer its crisp taste. Then it’s filtered cold so that it gets that brilliant, bright appearance.
Downeast Grapefruit 5.3 Pint $7
An unfiltered mix of grapefruit and apples. something cool and refreshing to remind you spring is on the way.
Firefly Hollow Midnight River 5.6 Pint $7
This beer is a German style black lager. Though dark in color, Schwarzbier is known for being smooth, easy drinking, and delicately roasty.
Firefly Hollow Toadstool Stout Nitro 5.0 Pint $7
Roasted barley and debittered black malts combine for a smooth roasty & coffee like profile. Flaked oats & barley contribute an absurdly rich & creamy texture.
Firefly Hollow Twinkler Barley Wine 9.0 10oz Draft $11
This 9% semi-sweet English inspired barleywine boasts big malt flavors of biscuit, caramel and toffee.
Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter 8.5 10oz Draft $7.50
It is aggressively hopped with Mosaics out of the Pacific Northwest, giving the Captain’s Daughter a strong aroma and flavor of tropical and stone fruits.
Guinness 4.2 Pint $6
Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Velvety in its finish. This iconic beer is defined by harmony.
Hermit Thrush Green Street SIPA 6.8 Pint $8.50
Our Green Street Sour IPA is the new sour cousin to our High Street Vermont IPA, focused on a balance of hop and malt flavors with a citric tang
Jack's Abby Copper Legend 5.7 Pint $7
Our Octoberfest is malty, smooth and exceedingly drinkable. It is perfect to celebrate and honor today’s legends.
Maine Lunch 7.0 10oz Draft $7.50
“East Coast” meets West. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness brings the beer into balance.
New Belgium Fat Tire 5.2 Pint $6
A perfectly balanced amber ale with toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness.
New Belgium Mural Agua Fresca 4.2 Pint $8
Agua fresca with hibiscus, agave, watermelon and lime.
New England Elm City Pilsner 5.0 Pint $7
It is a true German Pilsner: crisp, refreshing, pronounced. Perfectly balanced pilsner malt made with all German ingredients and Hallertaur hops.
Peroni Nastro Azzuro 5.1 Pint $6
Rome, Italy. A unique balanced taste with a delicate aroma arising from the hops of the most exclusive varieties. Young, balanced and sparkling.
Relic Spectral Beast 10.0 10oz Draft $9.50
Huge chocolate, cold fermented for smooth malt flavors, beware of the spectral beast
Sam Adams Rebel IPA 6.5 Pint $6.50
Rebel IPA now has a more intense juicy, tropical and citrus flavor supported by a leaner body and a crisp, clean finish to optimize the hop character.
Stone Grapefruit Slam Dbl Ipa 8.0 10oz Draft $7
India pale ales harness the inherent flavor characteristics of hops to bring forward familiar flavors of pine, resin, spice, and citrus
Stone Tropic of Thunder 5.8 Pint $7
Mainstays Citra & Mosaic along with newcomer Cashmere hops are joined by their juicy tropical aromas of citrus, pineapple and coconut.
Stubborn Beauty - Happy Treez 6.2 Pint $8
a complex juicy hop profile with loads of dank citrus and fruit, smooth body with a mild bitter finish…“there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend."
Stubborn Beauty - Nummy Nummy 8.1 10oz Draft $7.50
our signature big ipa. hop forward aroma with citrus, grapefruit and an in your face juicy hop flavor that gets more complex as the beer warms.
Troegs Hop Knife Ale 6.8 Pint $7
Hop Knife Harvest Ale recognizes the meticulous, time-honored tradition of hand-harvesting hops at the peak of maturity.
Two Roads Cruise Control 4.8 Pint $7
An effortlessly refreshing golden lager built for kicking back and taking it easy down the road less traveled. Hit cruise control and enjoy the ride!
Two Roads Dry and Mighty 6.8 Pint $8
Introducing our Dry & Mighty Brut IPA! This emerging Brut IPA style borrows its name and some of its characteristics from the champagne world - primarily from the word “Brut” which connotes “very dry.” Dry & Mighty Brut IPA sits at 6...more
Two Roads Two Juicy 8.2 10oz Draft $7.50
An unfiltered cloudy New England Double IPA that uses generous amounts of Hallertauer Blanc, Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops.
Victory Sour Monkey 9.5 10oz Draft $7
Tastefully twisted to offer nuances of sweet fruit & a sharp tang of tartness, this exhilarating combinations of flavors makes this brew a monkey all it’s own.
Yuengling Traditional Lager 4.5 Pint $3.50
Famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops.

Bud Light 4.2 12oz Bottle $3.50
Bud Light is brewed with a malt and hops ratio different from Budweiser for a distinctively crisp taste with fewer calories.
Bud Light Platinum 6.0 12oz Bottle $3.50
Bud Light Platinum has reinvented the category of light beer. Within each cobalt blue bottle lies a bold formula that’s triple filtered with a smooth finish to create its stop shelf taste. Its the first of its kind, and the only beer worthy of the name Bud Light Platinum.
Budweiser 5.0 12oz Bottle $3.50
Brewed using a blend of imported and classic American aroma hops, and a blend of barley malts and rice resulting in unparalleled balance and character.
Coors Light 4.2 12oz Bottle $3.50
First, aged (lagered) below freezing to give our beer its crisp taste. Then it’s filtered cold so that it gets that brilliant, bright appearance.
Corona 4.6 12oz Bottle $4.25
made with the finest quality blend of filtered water, malted barley, hops, corn, and yeast.
Corona Light 4.1 12oz Bottle $4.25
A pleasant fruit-honey malt aroma and distinctive hop flavor, with only 99 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates. Light, gold color with refreshing crisp taste.
Gold Star 4.9 12oz Bottle $5
A full-tasting but not heavy, medium amber-colored lager.
Heineken 5.4 12oz Bottle $4.25
Crisp & smooth Euro Lager.
Heineken Light 3.3 12oz Bottle $4.25
Brewed in the same high quality tradition as the original Heineken, but lighter in taste and with fewer calories and carbohydrates.
Michelob Ultra 4.2 12oz Bottle $3.50
Low-carb light beer with taste smooth enough to carry the Michelob name.
Mike's Hard Lemonade 5.2 12oz Bottle $4.25
Combines natural lemon flavors with a kiss of carbonation to deliver a nice, smooth "Ahhhh", followed by a satisfying kick. First introduced in Canada in 1996, a mix of vodka, natural flavors, and carbonated water.
Miller Lite 4.2 12oz Bottle $3.50
This carefully crafted pilsner uses the finest ingredients and brewing techniques to ensure rich, full-bodied beer taste at only 96 calories.
Sam Adams Cream Stout 4.9 12oz Bottle $4.25
Samuel Adams Cream Stout is a true cream stout, balancing body and sweetness with the natural spiciness of grain and hand selected English hops.
Smirnoff Ice 4.5 12oz Bottle $4.25
Malt Liquor
Twisted Tea Original 5.0 12oz Bottle $4.25
For a refreshing and smooth taste, we use select tea and natural lemon flavor.
Firefly Hollow Wolf Shirt Red IPA 6.9 12oz Can $6
This brew is the perfect communion of new age American hops and classic red hued malts to accentuate flavors of stone fruit, berry, and citrus.
Two Roads Lil Juicy 5.2 16oz Can $8
An unfiltered, double dry hopped New England IPA with notes of tropical juicy fruits, orange, lemon-lime and florals.
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Troegs Scratch Series Chocolate Stout Nitro 7.1 Pint $7
Six different malt varieties, cacao nibs, dark chocolate, lactose, oats, and vanilla combine to produce a decadent Chocolate Stout with a lush, velvety texture.
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